May 22, 2024

Some traditions were born to be changed. Arctic Spas has reimagined insulating practices and energy efficiency standards through our innovative FreeHeat technology. This ambient heating and insulation system perfectly harnesses and maintains warmth within your hot tub.

Whereas other hot tubs‘ internal elements, shell, and pumps are layered in fragile spray foam, providing nonexistent access during repairs or routine maintenance, Arctic Spas opts to provide the right insulation in the right places. By choosing to insulate your spa’s floor and walls while leaving internal elements foam free and accessible, the FreeHeat system is able to harness ambient heat from high efficiency pumps, using this residual warmth to heat your hot tub’s shell and water. This technology allows you to save money on invasive spa repairs and energy costs, while keeping your spa completely protected against the elements.

This innovative FreeHeat design also allows for decreased energy reliance, as all heat is either kept inside your hot tub’s cabinet, or used in the warming process of your spa. Completed with a durable and thick Mylovac cover, heat loss and surging energy costs are now non-existent.