About Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are not blankets – they are carefully engineered insulation systems.

If you bought your hot-tub at a big box store or second-hand, then your hot tub cover (or lack thereof) could be costing you in lost heat, wasted electricity and damaged equipment.

A well-made Hot Tub Covers

Is THE greatest investment you can make to protect your hot tub. By keeping the heat trapped inside there’s less wear and tear on equipment and you’ll save on your electrical bill. And, probably most importantly, your hot tub will be the perfect temperature every time you get in.

A Well Designed and Manufactured Covers

Will avoid pooling of rain water and resist the weight of snow loads. If you’re finding that your cover is getting heavier and heavier every time you take it off then it’s probably absorbing moisture from the inside while all your heat leaks out.

Before making any decision about what cover to buy (or not to buy) come and talk to our spa experts, first. They’ll show the difference between the various grades and the value of each. Then, you can make an informed decision.