About Gazebos, Furniture & Accessories

The hot tub experience can be so much more than just a refreshing water-jet massage at the end of a hard day under clear skies.

Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers can be accessorized with devices that can make it easier to open and close.


Gazebos add a bit of privacy and style to the experience. Closed gazebos keep the heat in while keeping inclement weather out – the perfect 4-seasons solution. Open-sided gazebos allow you to accessorize with bar and side tables, hanging lights and other furniture that adds to the overall feeling of fun and leisure at home or the cottage.


Umbrellas can be incorporated into the actual structure of the hot tub or secured in a way that you can protect yourself from sun and light rain.

Stairs & Decks

Portable stairs and surround decking can be added that double as storage units. You have the choice of cedar or maintenance-free composite construction.

Chairs & Stools

Sometimes stepping out of your spa and laying out in the hot sun to dry off can be almost as invigorating as the water jet massage. We carry a full line of loungers, stools and deck chairs to add a bit of flair, style and plain old convenience should guests just want to sit about.

Floating Accessories

Floating tables, food baskets and drink holders are a great convenience.


And, there’s even mesh hammocks that allow you lay out in your hot tub.

Please visit our show room to see the myriad of products available to heighten your hot tub experience.