May 16, 2024

Everywhere you have been or will go will say: “Your spa will cost a dollar a day to run” and in some cases maybe even less. Anyone can slap a CEC (California Energy Commission) sticker or a sign that says energy efficient but how many manufacturers can prove it?


What should you be looking for in an energy efficient hot tub or AWP? As your hot tub friend I can tell you there are many factors that go into determining the exact operating costs of a hot tub or AWP. 


As you know by now the most expensive thing to operate on a hot tub is the heater. How do we stop the heater from turning on all the time? There are several answers to these questions. 


  1. By retaining heat and recycling all the wasted energy. (INSERT PIC OF HOUSE VS ARCTIC)
  2. A high quality cover (Show Mylovac Cover)
  3. Power Management – Time of Day usage, Exact cost per day of how much to run.

By building a hot tub with these 3 things you are guaranteed to be the most efficient hot tub or AWP on the market and we can prove it!!